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Up for some resort wear? Because lately, I’ve been browsing on the different trends in fashion for this year. I came across the 2014 resort collections. I couldn’t really help but be tantalized by the wide variety of outfits released by different designers.

Below are three of which I thought stood out!

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Image source: Style.com

Pucci designer Peter Dundas unveiled his resort collection which looks like it’s targeted towards beach bums. In general, the collection appeals to jetsetters on a day trip.

Part of his collection as shown above includes a long-flowing long-sleeved blouse with a swirly motif and colors which resemble a tropical paradise with its use of blue, green, and turquoise. It’s perfect with dark-colored flats and you don’t even need a shabby pair of pants to break into this look! A snazzy handbag is a welcome addition.



Honor Resort Collection

Honor Image source: Style.com

Giovanna Randall obviously didn’t want the 1900s to die out with her resort collection, as she puts “long and drippy silhouettes” to good use. The collection ranges from simple casual wear reminiscent of ages past to regal dresses resembling a time where aristocrats thrived.

The image above has a minimal vintage design which is something someone like Lana Del Rey would love! In a lighter shade of a neutral tone, the dress thrives against a romanticized environment. The flats add a bit of color to the overall look, creating a concurrence in the overall scheme.



Honor Resort Collection

Iceberg Image source: Style.com

For someone opting to look smart, this brand—whose new designer can’t be named yet—recently released its resort collection (which specializes in knits) resembling young adult culture during the late 60s and 70s!

In the look pictured above, a long-sleeved shirt contrasts the bleak look of the pants with a much lighter color. What appears to be brass adornments on each side near the shoulder prevents the attire from looking dull.

The belt serves as a barrier to avoid tones from crashing into each other, coming in a lighter shade of the neutral palette, boosting the outfit’s vintage vibe. Blue wedges create that juxtaposition to break the austere atmosphere of the overall look. A tri-colored bag with minimal tones tops it all off.


If I were to pick on of these to wear, I’d probably go for Emilio Pucci’s collection. It’s airy and I think it’d suit me well. Or at least, I think.