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I’d have to admit, there are just some people you find hard giving gifts to. For example, my husband. Back then, I really didn’t know what to give him for his birthday. He’s the type of person who has got everything he needs and honestly, I really had no idea what gift to present him, so I decided to make one myself! And trust me, he loved it.

What did I give him, exactly? You’re going to find out below. But first things first!

If you’re torn on what gift you’re going to give someone, you can make one yourself! Below are some DIY gift ideas you might want to check out.


  1. Honey Lip Balm
Honey Lip Balm

Honey Lip Balm
Image source: Adventures With the Sage

If you know someone in your life who’d love all-natural beauty products, you might want to consider whipping up some honey lip balm! Just take some honey, coconut oil, and some beeswax. Place all the ingredients in a pan full of cold water and mix until it becomes thicker. The mixture will harden and your honey lip balm will be ready to go!

All-Natural Lip Balm by Megan Smith, The Art of Homemaking


  1. Photo Pendants
Photo Pendant

Photo Pendant
Image source: The Big City Bumpkin

Photo pendants aren’t only great for taking memories with you—homemade ones also go to show how much you appreciate that person’s presence. You’re going to need some glue, a circle pendant piece with glass piece (both which you can get here), and that person’s photo.  Create a circular outline around the face and cut it out. Glue the cut out photo on the circle pendant. After which, glue the circle glass piece on the pendant to cover the photo. Now, you’re ready!

DIY Photo Pendant for under $2.50, Saving With Sarah


  1. Simple wine and glass holder
Wine and Glass Holder

Wine and Glass Holder
Image source: Annie Housewife

Now this is what I gave my husband! I took a slab of wood, and used power tools to drill a hole in the middle and four gaps on each corner. Afterwards, lacquered it. Yes, I do know a bit of woodworking. My father taught me when I was a teenager.

You see, it works by placing the neck of the wine bottle through the hole. The gaps on each corner hold the wine glasses, as seen above. Everything’s ready to be served from there!


If you have any other DIY gift ideas in mind, feel free to share them with me!