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Welcome, 2015!

Welcome, 2015!
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It’s the first month of the year and I can’t help but reminisce on the things which happened in 2014. For some of us, it was a great year. For others, it wasn’t that memorable. In my case, looking back, it truly left a mark and remembering past events makes me wonder what will happen this year.

One memorable event was how I was elected as vice-president of the homeowner’s association. It’s a great honor for me and I’ll do my best to handle all my responsibilities well. It’s daunting to say the least but hey—it’s been a year since my election and I’m managing!

Another memorable and somewhat sad event for me was when Mexico faced its defeat under Netherlands during the FIFA World Cup. I’ve always been a soccer enthusiast, serving as coach for my daughter who shares my passion. Rooting for Mexico, I was disheartened at how things turned out. Oh well. There’s always the next World Cup. I’m sure the team will do better by then!

I haven’t mentioned this one on the blog, but during my birthday, instead of a conventional celebration, I took my kids camping. I tried convincing my husband to come with us, but he had an important appointment with a businessman who had heart problems. It’s good to know that my hubby was the first person he called up!

Anyway, the camping trip went great. My kids learned how to fish and we hiked through the woods, identifying different plants. On the other side of the woods was a viewpoint where we took out our binoculars and did some bird watching. Definitely a highlight of last year!

Of course, there were the tragic global incidents which happened last year, such as the disappearance of MH370, the shooting down of MH17, and the crashing of AirAsia flight 8501, just last December. It’s been a sad year for aviation.

The start of this year also hasn’t been that swell with the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the Boko Haram massacre. Nevertheless, I hope the whole year will turn out great. By that, I wish you good fortune this 2015!